Mental Health Centers of Western Illinois has been organized to effectively and efficiently serve the behavioral healthcare needs of small and rural communities in Western Illinois.

The mission of the Mental Health Centers of Western Illinois is to enable individuals in need of services to achieve social, emotional, vocational and financial wellness.

In providing for the needs of a total comprehensive mental health facility, the Board assures that a broad array of effective and efficient mental health, developmental disabilities, and substance abuse service options are available and accessible to all of the citizens of area counties. In planning for the future, Board actions are directed toward improving service options thereby enhancing the quality of life of citizens of our county. The Board has fundamental values that guide its actions:

•  To conduct the business of the Board with integrity, with social responsibility, and in the best interest of the citizens and taxpayers of local counties

•  To promote a full array of coordinated mental health service options based on an assessment of needs in order to make a positive difference in the mental health of residents of area counties

•  To provide leadership of a coordinated health services system with ongoing communications among providers, advocates, recipients, citizens, boards and funders

•  To expend funds to purchase necessary, effective and cost efficient equipment/supplies.


Due to a mandate by the Department of Human Services, community mental health centers are required to be accredited. The agency chose CARF…The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities as the accrediting body. CARF has established standards in the following: Organizational Quality; Quality Improvement Systems; Accessibility, Health and Safety; and General and Specific Program areas. Based on the survey, agencies are awarded one of four accreditation outcomes: 3-Year Accreditation, 1-Year Accreditation, Provisional Accreditation, or Non-accreditation.

The accreditation process has had a tremendous impact on the agency, programs, clients and personnel. Due to the commitment required to achieve accreditation, a new position, Quality Assurance Coordinator, was created to assist administrative personnel with the process.
Mental Health Centers of Western Illinois was formed on July 1, 2005 through the merger Brown County Mental Health Center, Mt. Sterling, Illinois, and Hancock Mental Health Center, Carthage, Illinois.  Earlier in 2005, Brown County Mental Health Center entered into a Management Agreement with Hancock County Mental Health Center which allowed Sean Eifert to be the Executive Director of both agencies, maintaining a physical presence at each agency as the need arose.  In addition, in May, 2005, a Management Agreement was entered into allowing oversight by Sean Eifert over the Counseling Center of Pike County, Pittsfield, Illinois.

On July 1, 2006, the Mental Health Centers of Western Illinois merged with the Counseling Center of Pike County, with the name of Mental Health Centers of Western Illinois succeeding.

Each predecessor agency of MHCWI was CARF accredited for many years prior to the merger. MHCWI went through the accreditation process for the first time as a merged agency in the fall/winter of 2007.  The agency was awarded a three year accreditation, the highest level achievable, once again, and is accredited through November, 2010. Many improvements have been implemented in all aspects associated with the agency, and staff will continue to maintain accreditation status by interpreting and implementing the standards established by CARF to insure that quality services are provided to individuals served.

The following is a quote taken from the most recent CARF Notice of Accreditation Award:  “This achievement is an indication of your organization’s dedication and commitment to improving the quality of lives of the persons served.  Services, personnel, and documentation clearly indicate an established pattern of practice excellence.”

CARF recognized that Mental Health Centers of Western Illinois has strengths in many areas and distinguished a few as outlined in the CARF Survey Report, as follows:

"The management team demonstrates teamwork, collaboration, and good communication, creating a positive work environment that benefits the persons served.  The team is committed to providing services that have positive outcomes, and the outcomes data support this commitment.  This experience of teamwork, mutual respect, cooperation, and open communication is demonstrated throughout the organization."

"Administrative and professional staff members are passionate, skilled, dedicated, and caring individuals who are committed to the goals of the organization and to the delivery of high quality services.  Staff members are motivated, responsive, and enthusiastic in serving the persons served and provide them with high quality clinical services that form a secure and enduring basis for continued positive growth and development."